Discovery Point Cooks River Riparian Rehabilitation and Saltmarsh Restoration

Client name: Fraser Property Australia, ProBuild and Fresh Landscape
Duration: 2015 – 2016
Location: Wolli Creek, NSW

Dragonfly Environmental was contracted by Frasers Property Australia in order to carry out regenerative actions on a degraded wetland community in Wolli Creek, opposite Wolli Creek train station.

There were three main vegetation types present on-site including Saltmarsh, Mangroves and a degraded riparian zone. The site had suffered a significant level of erosion and therefore the primary objective was to stabilise the bank.

Dragonfly Environmental’s scope for the project was as follows:

  • Supply and plant tube stock in the riparian zone
  • Supply jute mat and install small rocks for erosion control and seedling establishment
  • Aid in Saltmarsh Island works. Place small sandstone rock (20-50mm) over soil on top of Saltmarsh Island.
  • There was a small island present on site that had a variety of weedy plant species present and a significant level of erosion. Dragonfly planted this whole island out with a variety of Saltmarsh species in order to prevent further erosion over time.

On completion we made recommendations in order to prevent further erosion, weed establishment, and care for the newly planted tube stock. Dragonfly will continue to send out one of our Natural Area Specialists to carry out maintenance works while the tube stock establishes. Post-work monitoring and maintenance is essential in the success of any form of community regeneration.