bush regeneration new bannerPROJECTS

Warriewood Wetland Bush Regeneration and Aquatic Weed Control
DFE are currently contracted by Pittwater Council to carry out bush regeneration and aquatic weed control works at Warriewood Wetlands, a 26ha area that hosts three Endangered Ecological Communities – namely Swamp Sclerophyll Forest, Freshwater Wetland and Swamp Oak Floodplain Forest.


Front coverHills Shire Bush Regeneration
DFE are contracted to Hills Shire Council to carry out bush regeneration works on eight sites throughout the Local Government Area, covering a range of environments from recreated bushland sites to remnant Endangered Ecological Communities.  DFE staff also supervise bush regeneration works undertaken by parolees in partnership with the NSW Department of Correctional Services.


Manly and Curl Curl Lagoon Bush Regeneration
Involves the suppression of noxious and environmental weeds at 12 sites comprising of estuarine lagoons, creek-line corridors, riparian and terrestrial areas. Works involved 1800 hours of bush regeneration for the contract and plant supply and installation of 2500 plants.



Cronnulla Industrial Estate
DFE removed bitou bush and other noxious and environmental weeds from the Cronulla Dunes. This was then followed by bush regeneration and the planting of 330, 000 plants on the dunes and stormwater detention facilities nearby. Works were completed within 2 months.


Doonside Reserve and Breakfast Creek
DFE undertook bush regeneration and landscaping works to restore and maintain 13 hectares of the largest remaining stand of the Endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland Ecological Community in the Blacktown Local Government Area.