Photo 11-08-2016, 7 25 38 PMBeaumont Hills Turkeys Nest Reserve Lake Planting
Dragonfly Environmental was contracted by the Hills Shire Council to revitalise Turkeys Nest Recreation Park in Beaumont Hills. Works aimed to break up the prevailing urban development, providing a natural space and wetland area to help residents relax and unwind.



Front coverBlacktown Showgrounds Aquatic Planting and Raingarden Establishment
DFE planted 60,000 wetland plants in a constructed wetland and stormwater harvesting facility, designed to improve downstream water quality and enhance habitat and amenity of a popular public recreation area.



Front coverGreen and Golden Bell Frog Habitat
DFE planted 70,000 plants in three breeding ponds on site and associated frog corridor grasslands to create habitat for the endangered green and golden bell frogs and were also responsible for the maintenance works.



Front coverCoolibah Reserve Creek and Wetland Rehabilitation
 DFE ADVANCED PLANTING was engaged to revegetate a section of Bardwell Creek and Bardwell Wetland. A total of 27,500 plants, including 400 by 8” advanced aquatic plants, were installed as part of the rehabilitation works.



Cooks Reserve Dune Restoration
As part of the desalination pipeline from Kurnell to Sydney’s water delivery network, rehabilitation of Botany Bay’s foreshore dunes was required.  DFE planted a total of 90,500 plants on the Botany Bay foreshore to stabilise the dune area.



Penrhyn estuary thumbnailPenrhyn Estuary Habitat Enhancement Works
DFE were responsible for carrying out the world’s largest ever saltmarsh re-creation, undertaken in Penrhyn Estuary, Botany Bay, as part of works to mitigate the impact of nearby port infrastructure expansion.



Cronulla Industrial Estate
A total of 330,000 plants were installed in wetland areas, Green and Golden Bell Frog Ponds, and along the Cronulla dunes, including on very steep batters.



Fern Creek and Narrabeen Creek Detention Basin
DFE carried out revegetation works on the creek, wetland and riparian zones along Fern Creek and Narrabeen Creek Detention Basin in the Warriewood Valley (48 000m2).  A total of 220,000 tube stock, 10,000 by 6-8”, 300x25L, 250x75L and 7x3m tall Cabbage Tree Palms were installed.