Turkeys Nest Reserve Planting


Client name: The Hills Shire Council
Duration: 2015 – 2016
Location: Beaumont Hills, NSW

Dragonfly Environmental was contracted by the Hills Shire Council to revitalise Turkeys Nest Recreation Park in Beaumont Hills. Works involved breaking up the prevailing urban development whilst providing a natural space and wetland area to help residents relax and unwind.

Our team carried out the planting aspect of the lake upgrade to the reserve with works being focused within three primary zones.

  • Canopy and understorey species were planted along the terrestrial banks to restore appropriate shading to the reserve and to aid in bank stability and erosion control.
  • Juncus grasses and Carex sedges were planted to establish a wet edge interface.
  • Emergent aquatic macrophytes were planted to restore the condition of the water body back to a natural state.

Dragonfly Environmental’s scope for the project was as follows:

  • Supply and plant tube stock in the terrestrial, wet edge and aquatic zones
  • Supply jute mat for erosion control and seedling establishment

On completion we made recommendations in order to prevent further erosion, weed establishment, and care for the newly planted tube stock. Dragonfly will continue to send out one of our Natural Area Specialists to carry out maintenance works while the tube stock establishes. Post-work monitoring and maintenance is essential in the success of any form of bush regeneration works.